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English-speaking travelers are always happy to learn of meetings in the Bavarian capital, and Munich's English-speaking AA's are always happy to welcome a new face - even if it's road-weary. Whether you're settling down here or just passing through, we're very glad to see you.

In a 1953 German newspaper article, US Master Sergeant Bob S. extended an invitation to any and all to attend a meeting at the Hotel Leopold in Schwabing. Today, there are English-language AA meetings every day of the week in Munich - and our program is growing all the time.

This website is intended to assist those interested in what AA has to offer - in Munich or anywhere. You can view a list of English-language meetings or get directions to our English-language meetings. You can find out about the kinds of meetings we hold here in Munich, and get links to general information about AA, alcoholism and how to get help.

You may also read a complete historical archive of AA in Munich.

Links to two huge AA speaker archives has been added. Everything is downloadable as mp3 files perfect for listening on the computer, on a pocket mp3 player, or burned to a CD or DVD.

This website is dedicated to the memory of Dolores R., friend and sponsor to many, a tireless worker within AA, and long-time CER, Intergroup, and group archivist.
You are missed every day.

Dolores R.

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