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Saturday and Sunday Evening Meeting
St Bonifaz Church, Karlstrasse 34
Königsplatz (U2)

    Directions are by U-Bahn from the center of the city:

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Take the U-Bahn - subway - U2 (towards Feldmoching) to Königsplatz; ride towards the rear of the train. Exit at the end opposite the direction your train was headed; at the top of the escalator turn left and take the exit for Karlstrasse. You will emerge in a brick shelter. Turn left at the street and 30m ahead of you on the left you'll see a church. Turn left at the church gates and follow the path to the end, bearing left to the newer brick building. Ask Klosterpforte (attendant), behind the glass window, to buzz you in. Go in through the glass doors and the meeting is ahead on the right in the cafeteria. You will see signs as you walk on to the church property.

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